Spring Clean OUT

I LOVE SPRING! 2130d1f768e385d2a3a045e1a79eede6Spring totally changes my persona for sure… I try to use that positive energy towards making other things in my  life better as well. I know most call it spring clean up, but I think it should be called spring clean OUT because I throw throw throw!  Last year I cleaned out EVERYTHING! My rule of thumb was if I hadn’t used/wore it in the last year it needed to be GONE. I could not believe the amount of “junk” I hauled off. I had a dumpster dropped in drive, I donated to the D.A.V, and I gave to friends/family.  Its crazy when you rid yourself of an overload of “stuff” your mind almost feels a relief too. Although I cleaned out last spring we somehow managed to get the clutter right back!  So I def think this should be done annually, maybe even semi-annually. Here is my favorite blog post for spring cleaning….it covers the nitty gritty. Make your life PERFECTLY PERFECT for YOU!

Source: the mother of all spring cleaning listl

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